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fourth gen blockchain

Fourth Gen Blockchain | What is a smart contract?

By Guy Gotslak How long before the technology matures? Here to answer your questions about crypto developments is My Digital Money President, Guy Gotslak. You’ll get his take on what...

tokenization for dummies

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tokenization

By Collin Plume In this video, you’ll learn what Tokenization means and how it can be used in crypto. You’ll also learn of its advantages and disadvantages.

Bitcoin Congressman

Bitcoin Congressman’ Says CBDC Could Improve Privacy

By Collin Plume

different ways to invest in crypto

Build Millions In Wealth Through Crypto Investment

By Collin Plume


How To Open A Cash Account With MDM

My Digital Money’s Cash account is here. Finally, you can trade crypto using cash and open a cryptoIRA all in one platform!  No need to move from one platform to...


What Is Chainlink? Learn About This New Cryptocurrency

Smart contracts automate agreements on the blockchain. They evaluate information, and if certain conditions are met, they execute. However, this presents a problem. Blockchains don’t really have a good way...


Introduction to Polkadot

Polkadot is often called Ethereum killer and that’s probably why it’s so hot right now.  A lot of savvy digital-asset investors are hedging their bets, buying tokens associated with upstart...


‘Bitcoin Congressman’ Says CBDC Could Improve Privacy

Congressman Warren Davidson, a known crypto advocate,  participated in the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami earlier this month. One of the most important things he discussed is the privacy issues...


A Crypto Revolution Is Brewing In Argentina

The US may have a competition when it comes to snagging miners China is kicking out.  A new report indicated that Argentina ranked 21st in the world in realized bitcoin...


China’s Loss Is US’ Gain

And they are moving. Miners were booted out of China and they decided to head our way.  Apart from the fact that we will benefit from the new Bitcoins being...


Formula 1 Crypto Partnership

Sports and cryptocurrency is a perfect combination. The speed, the adrenalin, and the potential for victories or loss is decided by split second decisions.  Those adjectives are perfectly applicable to...


SEC Assault On Ripple

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against fintech startup Ripple Labs is unraveling more critical financial issues.  The biggest issue is how regulations seem too outdated to catch up...

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