Apr 30, 2022

What’s the Difference Between a 401(k) vs. a Self-Directed IRA?

2022-04-30T18:07:15-07:00April 30, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Saving for your retirement is an empowering way to be sure you can maintain a good quality of life beyond your employment. Self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k) plans are among the most popular approaches to achieving that goal. The main difference between the two is that a self-directed IRA is opened and maintained by an individual, [...]

Apr 30, 2022

Crypto vs. the Stock Market: Which Is Right for You?

2022-04-30T18:03:06-07:00April 30, 2022|Categories: Crypto 101, Investing 101|

In the most basic sense, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that people can use to make digital transactions, and that speculators and investors hold on to for their value. Just as one might buy and sell an asset on the traditional stock market, there are now online exchanges where people can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency assets.  The [...]

Apr 30, 2022

5 Ways To Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio

2022-04-30T17:48:39-07:00April 30, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Diversifying your retirement portfolio is a good way to mitigate risk and improve your returns on your investments. While most people tend to have some sort of retirement plan made up of a mix of conventional funds, it can be helpful to diversify your portfolio by adding in alternative assets. There are numerous kinds of alternative assets available [...]

Apr 30, 2022

5 Best Long-Term Investments

2022-04-30T17:37:29-07:00April 30, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

There’s no doubt some investments can be effective small-scale money makers. However, smart investors tend to consider the bigger picture. When you adopt a long-term investment approach, you can draw from a more sustainable income source. Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily an easy journey to embark upon. To pull it off effectively, you need to have a solid strategy [...]

Apr 30, 2022

What Is the Fear and Greed Index?

2022-04-30T17:00:38-07:00April 30, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Investment decisions should not be made in a vacuum, and investment success with cryptocurrencies hinges on your ability to read the market and its charts and parts. The Fear and Greed index is one way to make sure you consider the context of investor behavior when making market decisions.  Cryptocurrencies have their own Fear and Greed index — [...]

Mar 26, 2022

Different Types of Investment Risk and How To Mitigate Them

2022-03-26T11:55:31-07:00March 26, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Risk is a part of every foray into financial markets — there’s no getting around that. However, successful investors can manage risk and take steps, such as diversifying their portfolios and creating a sustainable budget, so that they can make steady overall gains even if some assets don’t deliver profits.  This is especially important for investors on a [...]

Mar 26, 2022

How To Avoid Paying Tax Penalties on Your Savings

2022-03-26T11:50:03-07:00March 26, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Earned income isn’t the only taxable income. Held income and other assets can put you at risk for costly tax penalties here in the U.S. Facing rising inflation, avoiding these penalties is key to maintaining and growing your savings accounts.  These are the ways you can avoid paying tax penalties on your savings, held income, and other assets. [...]

Mar 26, 2022

How To Protect Your Assets From Inflation

2022-03-26T11:26:14-07:00March 26, 2022|Categories: Investing 101, News and Updates|

Inflation refers to a currency's decline in purchasing power over time. It reflects an increase in the average price of goods and services in an economy in a given period.  Oftentimes, inflation is reflected as a percentage. The higher the inflation percentage, the lower the value of a currency in a given time frame.  Inflation rates vary based [...]

Mar 26, 2022

How To Start Investing on a Budget

2022-03-26T11:14:02-07:00March 26, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

Though financial books, websites, and TV broadcasts often concentrate on big-money investing, it’s possible to build wealth even if you start investing on a tight budget. Successful low-budget investing requires you to carefully select your investments based on your income, risk tolerance, goals, age, and other factors.  Determine Your Investment Goals Before anything else, you need to define [...]

Feb 15, 2022

A College Student’s and Graduate’s Guide to Investments and Retirement Saving

2022-02-15T09:03:32-08:00February 15, 2022|Categories: Investing 101|

The term “investment” refers to any strategy where you set aside money (or another asset) to allow it to accrue value over time. Investments should be made as soon as possible to ensure the biggest growth, especially in the case of retirement savings.  However, many young people are hesitant to jump into the world of investments. A 2018 [...]

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