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Different Types of Investment Risk and How To Mitigate Them

Risk is a part of every foray into financial markets — there’s no getting around that. However, successful investors can manage risk and take steps, such as diversifying their portfolios...

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How To Avoid Paying Tax Penalties on Your Savings

Earned income isn’t the only taxable income. Held income and other assets can put you at risk for costly tax penalties here in the U.S. Facing rising inflation, avoiding these...

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How To Protect Your Assets From Inflation

Inflation refers to a currency’s decline in purchasing power over time. It reflects an increase in the average price of goods and services in an economy in a given period....

A closeup of a person sitting at a desk with financial documents in front of them, typing on a calculator with one hand while holding money in the other.

How To Start Investing on a Budget

Though financial books, websites, and TV broadcasts often concentrate on big-money investing, it’s possible to build wealth even if you start investing on a tight budget. Successful low-budget investing requires...

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A College Student’s and Graduate’s Guide to Investments and Retirement Saving

The term “investment” refers to any strategy where you set aside money (or another asset) to allow it to accrue value over time. Investments should be made as soon as...

tokenization for dummies

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tokenization

By Collin Plume In this video, you’ll learn what Tokenization means and how it can be used in crypto. You’ll also learn of its advantages and disadvantages.

different ways to invest in crypto

Build Millions In Wealth Through Crypto Investment

By Collin Plume


‘Bitcoin Congressman’ Says CBDC Could Improve Privacy

Congressman Warren Davidson, a known crypto advocate,  participated in the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami earlier this month. One of the most important things he discussed is the privacy issues...


Billionaires Are Hoarding Crypto

Two billionaires are on a Crypto shopping spree.  Starting 2020, institutional investors flowed into the crypto space nonstop. This included hedge funds, corporate treasuries and insurance companies. This new type...

what is a crypto ira

What Is A Crypto IRA?

Planning for retirement can be an enjoyable experience when you’re picturing your time on the beach, the golf course, or wherever you plan to spend your golden years. However, the...


COMING SOON: How To Open A Play Money Account

Do you want to get into crypto investment but are intimidated with this seemingly complicated concept?  Have you done your crypto research and ended up with more questions than answers? ...


Understanding Tokenization in Blockchain Technology

Tokenization is when you “convert” things into digital assets.  Assume you need money and you have a huge car collection with a total of 500,000 items. But instead of selling...