Hold Fractional Interests In Precious Metals

Buy & Sell Fractional Gold, Silver, or Platinum

Purchase partial shares of gold, silver, and Platinum in your IRA or standard account with a click of a button. Try the simplest, most flexible, and cost effective way to invest in precious metals!

  • Easily transfer an existing IRA or 401K
  • Low transaction fees
  • Buy amounts as little as $10
  • Take physical possession of your metals
  • US-based Phone Support
  • Stored by Brinks (Security)
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Precious Metals Trading Made Simple

Built by Experienced Investors, Designed for Every Investor

Hold fractional interests in precious metals with just the touch of a button.

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Don’t put your digital assets at risk

Retain Full Ownership Of Your Digital Assets

My Digital Money is proud to partner with our custodian, Equity Trust, the leader in alternative assets. Equity Trust has been a state-chartered bank since 1974 and holds over $35 Billion of assets in trust. Get the advantage of owning fractional interest in metals but with the protection of a trust. The metals are under your name, providing added safeguards against bankruptcy events.

Two ways to trade Precious Metals

Trade Precious Metals in an IRA or a Standard Trading Account

My Digital Money users have access to IRA accounts as well as standard trading accounts all in one dashboard. Standard accounts provide the flexibility to withdraw profits anytime without penalty AND your assets are still safely stored in  trust with our custodian, Equity Trust.

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Trade Precious Metals in an IRA

Digital Asset IRAs are perfect for building long-term wealth because your gains can be reinvested tax free to achieve compound growth.

  • Assets Stored In Trust With Equity Trust
  • US Based Customer Support
  • Earn Profits Tax-Free
  • Reduce Your Tax Burden
  • Stored Securely With Brinks
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Standard Trading Account

Standard accounts are perfect for saving for for mid-term goals. Whether you are saving for a house or for retirement, you still receive the same trust protections as IRA assets.

  • Assets Stored In Trust With Equity Trust
  • Buy any amount of Metals at any time
  • US Based Customer Support
  • Multiple Cost-Basis Reporting Options
  • Stored Securely With Brinks
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We Humanize The Trading Experience

U.S. Based Support

At My Digital Money, customer success is our primary concern. Our support staff is entirely U.S.-based, and they can help you with much more than password resets and platform training. Get help with transferring an existing IRA to a digital assets IRA, ask questions about metals, talk through investment strategies, or just use us as a sounding board before you make a trade. No matter your concern, our team is standing by with their white gloves on.

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Automate Your Fractional Metals Trading

We make it easy for our customers to automate their trades in their standard trading account or their IRA account to avoid potential losses and maximize their potential gains during times of market volatility. Our Automatic Trigger Order feature lets you automate your trading so that you can execute your strategy, even when you’re not watching your portfolio.

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Risk Free Investing Practice

Play Money Accounts

Want to familiarize yourself with the platform before funding your digital assets IRA account? My Digital Money also offers free play money accounts so you can tour the platform and sharpen your trading skills before making your first real trade. Play money accounts are free to sign up for and 100% risk-free.

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At My Digital Money, we believe in making digital assets easy and accessible to everyone. Diversify your retirement savings with digital assets and enjoy tax advantages.

Guy Gotslak President & Founder