Practice Crypto Trading

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Trades

Thinking about investing in a crypto IRA but want to get more comfortable with crypto trading first? Get practice by making real crypto trades in a real environment without any risk by opening a Play Money account on My Digital Money. Getting started only takes about 2 minutes and does not require a credit card.

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How Do Play Money Accounts Work?

Play Money Accounts work exactly like standard trading accounts or crypto IRA accounts. The accounts use the same trading interface, have the same features, and have access to the same cryptocurrencies as other accounts.  

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Take A Risk-Free Tour

Tour Our Crypto Trading Platform On Your Own Time

We understand that sometimes crypto investors just want to do their own research before creating an account and spending time on the phone with support. Play Money Accounts are a great way to explore My Digital Money’s features on your own time to ensure it’s the right place for you before dedicating time to funding your account.

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Trade In The Real Market With Play Money

Investing in cryptocurrency involves more than just “buying low and selling high.” It can take some time to get familiar with crypto markets, price volatility, and how much impact external forces like the media can have on your investments. A Play Money Account is an excellent way for new investors to get real experience buying and selling crypto without assuming any real risk.