Military-Grade Crypto Security

Battle-Tested Multi-Layer Security From Genesis Custody

My Digital Money now provides military-grade security for all crypto assets through a partnership with a global leader in digital asset security, Genesis Custody. Our security features include multilayer hardware security modules, segregated cold storage in decommissioned nuclear bunkers, and A-rated insurance backing your assets.

secure Crypto IRA platform
Cryptocurrency Security Features

Minimize Your Exposure To Hackers, Cyber Attacks, & Bad Actors

We’ve partnered with leaders in the cybersecurity space to ensure the assets stored on My Digital Money are stored using cutting edge technology creating an additional level of security to keep them safe from physical loss, damage, destruction or theft, whether internal or external.

hardware security modules

Hardware Security Modules

My Digital Money utilizes hardware security modules to store digital keys. Hardware security modules are dedicated crypto processors that are designed to protect the crypto key lifecycle. These tamper-resistant devices are used to generate keys, encrypt/decrypt data, and create/verify digital signatures.

cold storage

Segregated Multi-Asset Cold Storage

We provide multiple layers of security to protect your assets from bad actors in the real world and cyberspace alike. All My Digital Money crypto assets are held in offline cold storage in secret, decomissioned nuclear bunkers. Each crypto wallet is also capped at $20 million, so if an attack were to occur it would be much easier to isolate.

insured crypto

Digital Asset Crime and Vault Risk Insurance

Two different insurance policies also back all crypto assets on My Digital Money. First, our digital asset crime insurance covers any internal or external theft of your digital assets while they are held in our custody. In addition, our vault risk insurance covers physical loss, damage, destruction, or theft of your digital assets while they are in our custody. All assets are insured up to $100 million and can be scaled to $600 million if necessary.