How To Open A Cash Account With MDM

My Digital Money’s Cash account is here. Finally, you can trade crypto using cash and open a cryptoIRA all in one platform! 

No need to move from one platform to another for all your different crypto investments.


For as low as $500, you will enjoy My Digital Money’s easy to use, US-based self-trading CryptoIRA platform with concierge level customer service.  

Yes, you can invest $500 and feel like you’re investing $5 million with the level of client service we offer. 

Even if we offer cryptocurrency investment, our primary product is service. That’s why we are here to answer your calls for any help you may need. Whether it’s a forgotten password, help in submitting documents, more information about coins, we are here for you. Just dial 833-MDM-2008. 

We also made sure that it will be easy for you to start investing. With MDM, it will take you no more than 5 minutes to get going. 

Just go to our website, click sign up and enter your name, email, and valid phone number. 

You will receive a verification code, and this is for your security. We want to make sure you are, in fact, the one using your phone. 

Once you enter the verification code, comes the best part. You can open a play money account if you are unsure about investing in crypto or just want to get familiar with our platform. You can start investing in crypto using a market simulation without risking your real money. 

If you are sure you want to start investing, just open an account. Just follow the prompt. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 833-MDM-2008 or download one of the most comprehensive crypto investment guide in the market directly from our website.