Aug19, 2021

How To Open A Cash Account With MDM

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My Digital Money’s Cash account is here. Finally, you can trade crypto using cash and open a cryptoIRA all in one platform!  No need to move from one platform to another for all your different crypto investments. For as low as $500, you will enjoy My Digital Money’s easy to [...]

Aug18, 2021


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Smart contracts automate agreements on the blockchain. They evaluate information, and if certain conditions are met, they execute. However, this presents a problem. Blockchains don’t really have a good way to access external data. The difficulty of connecting off-chain data with on-chain data is one of the great challenges facing [...]

Aug17, 2021

Introduction to Polkadot

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Polkadot is often called Ethereum killer and that’s probably why it’s so hot right now.  A lot of savvy digital-asset investors are hedging their bets, buying tokens associated with upstart blockchains that could potentially grab market share from the Ethereum network, often referred to as a “world computer” due to [...]

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