If you are unsure on whether or not Crypto trading is for you or you want to get used to our platform or want to test out trading strategies, MDM’s play money account will let you do that with a market simulation. 

MDM’s play money account allows you to simulate trading using actual market movement but use play money. 

Use MDM’s Feature

You will be able to use all the features of MDM’s platform including, buying and selling cryptocurrency. 

You don’t need to provide credit card information, bank details and other data. Just register using your name and email address and you are good to go.  

Using the ‘play money’ feature  allows you to simulate the losses and gains, test out strategies, test crypto currencies, and get comfortable in the whole concept of crypto trading without risking a single dollar. 

“Test Media Information”

You will also get regular news and tips from established finance media organizations directly in the platform and on your email. That is your chance to test how news and updates from mainstream media can actually affect crypto value and which ones actually provide the most reliable information. 

You often see predictions and forecasts from ‘cryptocurrency experts’. This is the perfect platform to test just how much of an expert they are. Invest in what they say will rise and sell the ones they say will fall.

Learn who are the most credible sources. Once you start trading with actual money, you have a better idea what information you should consider and which ones you can totally ignore. 

Shift Back and Forth 

Opening an actual account will be seamless and what’s even better is that you can seamlessly shift between your actual account and play money account anytime. 

You can customize your play money account to simulate your actual account to test out different allocations, buys, and sells. 

Upcoming Features 

Through the course of the year, MDM will be rolling out features that will help you make better cryptocurrency investment decisions including ‘Stop Loss Feature’, the ability to pre-set parameters to automatically sell or buy cryptocurrencies based on the prices you set. 

And as MDM continues to try and create the best trading experience for you, we encourage you to send your feedback and suggestions to [info@mydigitalmoney.com].

MDM is here to make it as secure as possible for you. With our stop-loss feature, partnership with Equity Trust, and commitment to deliver relevant and balanced tips and updates on the market, you will have the tools you need to make better investment decisions.