My Digital Money (MDM), in partnership with Genesis,  provides military-grade security for your cryptocurrency investment. 

Genesis is a global leader in institutional digital asset markets, facilitating billions of dollars in digital currency transactions on a monthly basis. 

With Genesis, MDM will also offer:

  • HSM (Hardware Security Modules) farm cold storage in Ex-nuclear military bunkers. It is an unparalleled security feature in the digital space. 
  • Multilayer proprietary, best in class cold storage 
  • Hybrid multilayer cryptographic security, by combining military highest standard with MPC insured by A-rated underwaters including Lloyds of London syndicates 

Genesis’ Institutional Trading for Digital Assets

Genesis launched the first U.S. OTC bitcoin trading desk in 2013. Since then, they have grown to facilitate billions in monthly digital currency trades, loans and transactions. They have a NY DFS-Bitlicensed entity, registered as a securities broker-dealer with the SEC and FINRA

They provide two-sided liquidity for buyers and sellers of digital assets and derivatives, backed by proven technology and an expert team of trading professionals. Complete large orders rapidly and reliably. 

Segregated Multi-Asset Cold Storage

With MDM, each wallet is capped at $20M. Attacks are easier to control with assets distributed across different wallets. 

Digital Asset Crime and Vault Risk Insurance

Crime insurance covers internal and external theft of digital assets held in the care, custody and control of Genesis Custody on behalf of its clients.

Vault risk insurance covers physical loss, damage, destruction or theft of digital assets held in the care, custody and control of by Genesis Custody on behalf of its clients.

All types of digital assets held by Genesis Custody are insured at $199M which can be further scaled up to over USD600m.