Concerned about Fees?  


MDM – Where You are Not the Product

The competition, such as Rob-inhood, offers you full service trading, with no fees
But there’s a catch, a BIG catch
Robinhood, and their pals at the other competition, all sell your data without your permission. They do this by burying a legal loophole in their user acceptance terms. Just like Farcebook does
Do you want the entire advertising industry to know how much money you personally make, or have? How about how much money is in your personal IRA? Do you want them to put your full name to that dollar amount, and sell it to the highest bidder?  Do you think that’s respectful of your financial privacy?
If you answered no to those questions, then MDM has you covered!
Instead of selling out both you and your privacy, we simply charge a small loading fee to cover costs. Monthly fees are far less than a single percent of a typical IRA, at $50 one-time loading fee, and $29 monthly custodian fee. (Trading fees are separate, these are very low, more about our trade fees further down the page)
Most of our clients just want to wait and have the fee taken out of their IRA, that way they don’t have to break out the credit card, and their gains generally erase the fee anyways. If you’d prefer to pay the fee out of your credit card or bank account, and leave your IRA untouched, we can do that, too!


Payment Options

(Loading Fee Only)
Pay by Credit Card Here:
Prefer the Phone?
(877) 833-0927
Email Any Questions Here:
Want to pay in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency?
Here is the Bitcoin public key address!
You’ll need to email with your Equity account number and on-chain TXID, so we can link your payment to your account.  Also email us if you would care to use an alternative cryptocurrency.  We take any crypto we offer on our exchange
We will also eventually take Lightning payments, but are not set up for this today

Trading Fees

Just like trading stocks or other commodities on an exchange, our platform comes with fees.  Our per-trade fee remains a very low 2.9%.  For example, if you moved a typical IRA of $20,000, and put it all into Bitcoin in a single trade, the fee for that transaction would only be $580, about 1/40th the value of your trade, or 3 cents on the dollar. To buy Bitcoin, that’s a steal!
These fees are only on a per trade basis, as the trade is made, there’s no way to pay them separate with credit card.  Be careful, if you trade a lot, these tiny fees will add up!  But as Bitcoin goes higher and higher, the tiny fees you pay will be erased by the massive gains you can make
As a standard disclaimer: We cannot predict the future, and cannot tell you Bitcoin will go up endlessly. Always diversify your investments, and never put 100% of your money in one single “basket”, even cryptocurrency. Consider holding some physical assets such as gold, silver, gems, art, collectibles, or other “tangibles”


Happy Trading, and see you on the Moon! (That’s crypto-speak for Bitcoin or Etherium at a million dollars)