Mar 8, 2021

US-Based Company with $20B in Assets

2021-09-09T08:47:30-07:00March 8, 2021|Categories: USP|

German-born programmer Stefan Thomas has $240 million worth of bitcoin. He bought it a long time ago and held it.  When Bitcoin surged, he wanted to cash out. The problem? He forgot his walle’s password. The secure hard drive, on which 7,002 bitcoins were stored, was an IronKey device. It gives owners 10 chances to guess their [...]

Mar 8, 2021

Play Money Account

2021-08-30T01:42:53-07:00March 8, 2021|Categories: USP| If you are unsure on whether or not Crypto trading is for you or you want to get used to our platform or want to test out trading strategies, MDM’s play money account will let you do that with a market simulation.  MDM’s play money account allows you to simulate trading using actual market movement but [...]

Mar 8, 2021

Objective & Relevant News, Tips, and Updates

2021-08-24T07:04:26-07:00March 8, 2021|Categories: USP|

MDM will continue to provide you with balanced, relevant, and important news, updates, and tips about cryptocurrencies and other investments to help you make better investment decisions.  We are not financial advisors. We advise you to consult a financial advisor before making any investments or changing your current investment strategy.  What we can do is supply you with [...]

Mar 8, 2021

Stop-Loss and Auto-Order Feature

2021-08-30T01:38:39-07:00March 8, 2021|Categories: USP| MDM’s stop-loss order is an automated order placed to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency once the cryptocurrency reaches a certain price. For example, when you buy Litecoin (LTC) for $180, when the price goes down by 10%, you can automatically sell it. This will limit your loss to 10%. Suppose you purchased Stellar (XLR) [...]

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