With MDM, your cryptos will be protected with military-grade security. This is an unparalleled security feature in the digital space. 

This means, the same security we use to protect this very country will be protecting your crypto investment. 

MDM is working in partnership with Genesis to provide this exemplary level of security for your digital coins.

 Genesis is a global leader in institutional digital asset markets, facilitating billions of dollars in digital currency transactions on a monthly basis. 

With Genesis, MDM will offer HSM or Hardware Security Modules farm cold storage in Ex-nuclear military bunkers. 

Yes, it’s not just 10-layered passwords or back up systems… your cryptos are secured in ex-nuclear bunkers. 

Not only that, unlike our competitors, each of our wallets has a limit of $20M. 

So, let me explain this a bit. By now, you probably know of Stefan Thomas, the man who lost access to his 7,002 bitcoins because he lost his password to his cold wallet. 

His entire bitcoin investment in one wallet. 

That will never happen with Genesis. Each wallet is capped at $20 Million so that if something happens to one wallet, the rest are secure. 

But since it’s a cold wallet, it’s virtually impossible to hack, unless someone takes physical possession of the wallet. But for them to get to it, they need to get through Ex-nuclear military bunkers. 

If, somehow, that all fails, we still got you with our impressive insurance coverage, up to $600 million. If you check other platforms, their coverage is up to $100 million with a much more inferior security system. 

On top of that, our insurance covers internal and external theft of digital assets. So if someone, by some sort of miracle, manages to steal or hack a cold wallet, you will get your investment back. 

We also cover Vault risk insurance. This covers physical loss, damage, destruction or theft of digital assets.

That’s MDM for you. Security at its finest.