There are some who think Apple will start accepting crypto. How do you think this will affect bitcoin’s value?

It would give the market its second, if not the, strongest endorsement yet.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has been arguably the biggest backer of cryptocurrencies. But when he backed out because of Bitcoin’s energy consumption, Bitcoin lost its biggest drum beater. 

 We don’t know whether Musk is really concerned about the environment or concerned about Bitcoin’s consistency with Tesla’s image or simply shifting his support to Dogecoin. 

What we know is that he demonstrated just how much his confidence on an asset could actually affect retail support. 

Support from Apple would surely drive demand for cryptocurrencies. This is especially important as the world is going bananas over crypto. 

China banned all business transactions using crypto. Iran  declared a four-month ban on cryptocurrency mining over fears that it was causing surges in demand for electricity.

If Apple announces this, you expect coins to break their ceiling. 

Don’t wait for that before investing. Invest now to maximize your possible gains.